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Cheap Gucci Bag: How to Know Real From Fake

Published on December 26, 2017 by micronet

If you have made the decision to buy cheap Gucci bag on eBay or other online retail stores, it is important that you pay close to the pictures uploaded of the GG logo, the tab on the serial number, behind the zipper and the engraving done underneath the zipper pocket. If perchance the seller did not upload any up-close high-definition picture, you have the right to ask for some.

If you are chanced to get to a high-end departmental store, then you will have the up-close opportunity of seeing how a genuine handbag looks like. It is advised that if you have a camera phone you take quality pictures and do a comparison of what a genuine Gucci handbag actually looks like and what you found on the internet. It is important you are aware that store policies differ, so it may be prohibited in some stores so please be cautious.

Furthermore, you can consult the official Gucci website and zoom in on the pictures to study the details of the bags carefully. One of the things that you want to find out is if the Gucci name is etched. Do not buy any Gucci product that you find the Gucci script Logo looking crooked.

Revealing Signs of a Fake Gucci Handbag, Purse or Wallet

You will find that the stitching on a fake Gucci product is uneven and it is crooked on the leather and the edges of the handbag. Be aware that Gucci since the inception has not at any point wrap their products in plastic.

Here’s more to tell on how you can spot the fake cheap Gucci bag:

Dust Bag
The new Gucci handbags come with a dust bag of high quality. There are variations with colours and styles that went through with the dust bags. The most common variants are the brown and black bag that has repeated logo GG; the brown one that has a drawstring and the GUCCI name in gold; and the dark brown dust bag that has the GUCCI name written in gold. Make sure that you check out the font, positioning and spacing of the logo carefully, including the quality of its material.

Controllato Card
The Controllato Card might be something new for others but designer brands have come up with these cards that tells the customer that the handbag or any other items under the designer’s name have gone through checking after it was created. The GUCCI name is printed at the top centre with numbers and the word Controllato written under it. The numbers starts from 1 up to 0 under the Controllato name.

Information Booklet
The new handbags by Gucci come with an information booklet. Ensure that you check out the spacing, font and the position of the logo, and also the other copies if there are any spelling errors.

Firenze Card
Aside from the Controllato card, the new Gucci handbags also come with the Firenze card. Again, you should also check out the other copy and compare whether there are wrong spellings or not.

Tag with “Made in Italy”
The new Gucci handbags have labels inside that possess the name Gucci together with the ® registered trademark and sometimes the ‘Made in Italy’. The format on how these are arranged varies when you compare it with the vintage Gucci handbags. Do your research on how the format looks like with the vintage classics to avoid getting your hands on fake ones.

Serial Number
The serial number identifies the make and the authenticity of a Gucci product. You can find the serial number of your Gucci handbag at the reverse of the interior label. Through the years, Gucci have utilized different sequences. The most common of them all are the 2 sets of numbers one at the top while the other below. The serial number for vintage handbags comes in a different setting, so another responsibility lies on you to dig deeper on what the vintage bags possess the serial numbers.

Gucci handbags feature hardware that is made out of solid metal that doesn’t chip or flake out. Some of its great pieces may even come engraved. When you do, the engraving looks crisp and clean. It also has a high quality finish.

Make sure you check out the stitching is done in a straight, neat and clean way.

There are a couple of Gucci handbags that feature the double GG canvas on the exterior. Its left G is facing forward while the right is at the opposite. Check out its consistency, font and spacing of the letters.

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