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Wheatear you are having questions about various communication products or you simply want to see the available market options with your eyes, you are always welcome at the central headquarter of Micronetics Trading.

Located in Miami, Florida, Aston M. Blvd, no. 234B, it is considered by most one of the most important center of networking from the entire world. Their importance is resembled by the various administration devices that are managed by the internal servers of the company. Without it, some major company’s processes might be stopped and lots of money could be lost.

Newsletter Subscription

In order to stay in touch with the latest updates in terms of new products available on the market, modern cyber-attacks and attractive flash news, you are invited to subscribe to their official newsletter.

All you have to do is to visit, write your email address in the designated textbox and click the Subscribe button. By clicking it, you will send a request to the central server and your offer will be processed in a matter of seconds.

Visit your private mail and click the confirmation link send to activate the subscription, and enjoy the weekly emails received from them. This extra method of precaution has been taken as a result of the many brute force attacks that have been performed upon their servers. In order to avoid such thing to be repeated, Micronetics Trading has taken some considerable protection measures, able to manage every modern day network attacks.

Micronetics Trading – Modern Mobile Application

Staying connected everywhere and anytime is the key of the modern world. In this way, this company created and developed a mobile application to be downloaded and installed by their users on their local smartphones.

Available on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone, it can be taken from the app store and installed, without requiring any permissions or credentials. Through it, you are capable of visualizing the products available on the market and perform payments for them. 3D Secure platform has been integrated into the payment module to offer customers the best possible user experience and to avoid scam attempts.

You can see the delivery status of your command right from the mobile application and you are able to communicate with the delivery person via the integrated chat option. With a cutting-edge technology and a modern design, this mobile software solution is the perfect way to stay in touch with all the releases in the networking domain.

Payment Methods

When deciding over the products you want to buy, the online platform should be able to offer you all the payments methods available at that time. Under this principle, Micronetics Trading has implemented the bank account, credit card and cash money payment option. You may select any option that best fits your needs and insert the required information for making the payment.

No hidden facts, no hidden information, just the necessary steps are needed to be performed to have your dream products delivered to your house by the end of the week.

Even though any payment method is viable and accepted, it is recommended to pay for the products bought on the online platform,, as you can benefit in this way of the 20% discount to the final cost of your demand.

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